Key Largo real estate and boating


Being an owner of Florida Keys real estate on the waterfront offers boaters an amazing lifestyle. Boaters in the Keys can enjoy being offshore or playing at the coral reefs on the Atlantic Ocean followed by a sunset dinner cruise on the bay.

Winds typically originate from the Southeast or East most of the year in Key Largo it seems like, but there are plenty of days when the wind blows from other directions. Having the options to bounce back and forth to seek refuge from the wind and sea state make Florida Keys real estate waterfront very unique.

Hopefully it’s becoming clear why boating in the Floria Keys is considered to be some of the best in the country.  Key Largo real estate offers great access to the water. Since having fun on the water starts with water access, then it’s important to discuss some of the trade space with Key Largo real estate and access to the water.

Before you can get out on the water, you first have to get into the water. Whether you have your own dock or access to a private homeowner’s park with a boat ramp, Private boat ramps from your home owner’s park is once of the unique solutions to getting into the water without having to wait in line and fight the crowds at the public boat ramps.

Boat storage is another factor when searching for your Key Largo real estate.  If you already have a boat and want to live on the water, then we will need to start talking about your draft and bridge height requirements.  If you have a sailboat that requires more depth, then we might be looking to oceanside canal for the quickest access to deeper water – even though plenty of homeowners on bayside have big sailboats. 


Boat lifts vs davits will also be a point of discussion if boat storage is a consideration for your Key Largo home. There is some debate over which storage solution is ideal for keeping your boat out of the saltwater while living on the water. Davits are essentially a lift that is fixed to a dock or pier used to lift your boat out of the water and ideally swing it over to store on your dock. The lift is equipped with cables and connectors that attach to your boat or slings around your boat to evenly lift it out of the water. In the Upper Keys, the option for boat davits may prove to be the best choice based on the size of your boat and your conditions. Some canal lots lend themselves to being more suitable to davits based off of traffic or draft. There are some limitations to davits when it comes to weight capacity. However, the davits can serve as a lift to move heavy items around such as; outboards, ice chests, boat appliances, etc.