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Licensed General Contractor

As a licensed general contractor in the Florida Keys, I can help you navigate important decisions as you buy or sell your home. Let an expert represent you as we compare quotes and organize a budget for your projects. I will help you distinguish between what creates value in your home for a new listing or recently purchased home. I can tell you what will and will not help you move your home when it comes time to sell. Complete the form to get optimal customer service.

A top producing real estate agent

Let me guide you through buying or selling your home in the Florida Keys. All of my clients work at their own pace, from extremely fast to spanning over a year or more. My philosophy is respect your time and provide you with the information necessary to make decisions at the speed of the client. To offer the highest level of customer support, I will want to get some information from you. Complete the form and the subsequent survey for the optimal experience.

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April Struhs